Main Contest

The Main Contest

Welcome to the 94th Holme Valley Brass Band Contest! 

The Contest will be pre-drawn in March 2020 and Bands will be informed of their draw number and the starting time of each section by the Contest Committee Secretary soon after this date. This year, the Contest has 4 sections, starting with the Youth and Training Bands. The band drawn number 1 in the Youth and Training Band Section will start their performance with the National Anthem.

Programme for the Day

Holme Valley Brass Contest 2020, Sunday 26th April at Holmfirth Civic Hall.

Doors open at 9am for 9.30am start and the running order will be confirmed.

Adjudication of the Contest

Each year the Holme Valley Contest Committee selects the Contest Adjudicator from the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators Members of AoBBA are professionals who are highly experienced musicians and brass players. AoBBA’s stated aim is “Our goal is to maintain and improve the professional level of Brass Band Adjudicators”.

The Holmfirth Contest operates with “closed” adjudication which means that the adjudicator or judge for the Contest sits within a “tent” so that the band cannot be seen or identified. This increases the objectivity of the judge, removing any personal preferences. This means that, if you find yourself sitting or standing close to the adjudicator’s tent, remember he or she may be able to hear you discussing the bands, their performance or the draw, so please keep your voice low. Thank you.

Entry to the Contest

You can find detailed rules and the entry form from these links;


There are many prizes available, please head to the Contest Prizes page to find out more.