Contest Rules 2020

Here you will find the contest rules

Contest Rules

  1. Registration

With the exception of unregistered bands, all players must be registered with the Brass Band Players Registry (BBPR). The Registry print-out will be used and registration cards must be brought and presented on contest day.

Unregistered bands will be sent a band personnel sheet to complete which must be brought and presented on contest day.

  1. Borrowed players

Bands will be allowed to borrow up to five players as follows:

  • Bands competing in Section A will be allowed to borrow registered players from any Section bands
  • Bands competing in Section B will be allowed to borrow registered players from 2nd 3rd, and 4th section bands
  • Section C bands can borrow from 4th section, youth and un-registered bands.

On contest day, bands must provide a list of borrowed players and a letter of consent from the player’s own band together with their BBPR registration card.

Unregistered bands must complete a band personnel sheet stating that their list covers bona-fide players of their band and any borrowed players.  Borrowed players must be indicated in RED on this sheet. Borrowed players must provide a letter of consent from their own band and a BBPR registration card, where applicable.

Any bands breaking these rules will be disqualified.

  1. Players including percussion

The maximum number of players in each band shall be 25 brass (or 35 brass in Youth Bands) plus the required percussion related to the piece chosen.

The percussion equipment available for all bands to use will consist of three Timps, Bass drum, Bells, Kit, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tam-Tam and Clash cymbals. Bands need to provide other equipment if not on this list.

The Timps will remain in a set position on stage for all bands.

  1. Pieces

Bands must compete on a published ‘Own choice’ test piece and a hymn tune.

  1. Scores

Bands must provide an unmarked score for the adjudicator’s use. A solo cornet copy will be sufficient for the hymn tune.

  1. Trophies

All trophies must be signed for and returned in a clean and good condition. It is the responsibility of each band to engrave and insure all trophies whilst in their possession.

  1. Grievances

Any protests must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a fee of £20 before the results are announced. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.

  1. Draw

The contest will be pre-drawn on Thursday 26th March 2020. 

The band drawn number 1 in the Youth and Training Band Section will commence their performance with the National Anthem.

  1. Other matters

Any matter not covered by these rules will be adjudicated by the contest committee.

  1. Youth and Training Bands

Bands in this section must comply with all of the above, with the exception of Rule 4.


Bands will perform a 15-minute varied programme.

Last Update, February 2020